Have a Happy & SAYF Thanksgiving!

Have you heard the expression “Blackout Wednesday”?

Your child may know what it is. It refers to binge drinking the night before Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Eve. This night is one of the most popular nights among young teens and college students for drinking alcohol. Since most people don’t work or go to school on Thanksgiving, as well as this being the first break for most college students to come home and reconnect with old friends they haven’t seen since leaving for college, they plan for a night of social drinking. Binge drinking is defined as 5 or more drinks in an hour or two for males and four or more drinks in an hour or two for females. In some communities Blackout Wednesday is a more popular partying night than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’re travelling this Thanksgiving, take extra caution on the roads. If you have teens and/or children coming home from college, please talk to them about the dangers of alcohol and binge drinking. Remember the legal drinking age is 21.

We wish everyone a SAYF and Happy Thanksgiving!



The Ardsley SAYF Coalition consists of community members dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Ardsley's youth. Our vision is to create a community where our youth have the tools and the confidence needed to make healthy substance-free decisions for themselves. The Ardsley SAYF Coalition is a member of CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America).