Do You Know About the Social Host Law in Westchester County?

Do you know what the Social Host Law is? If not, you’re not alone… this relatively new law is not well known, but can have significant ramifications. Passed in 2008 in Westchester County, the Social Host Law states that it is a violation for adults (21 and over) to allow underage drinking in their home or on their property. The primary purpose of the Social Host Law is to address the problem of adults who allow minors to drink alcohol in their homes, distinguishing this behavior from existing laws that penalize adults who actually provide alcohol. (Note: Under the Penal Law, parents are exempt from prosecution for providing alcohol to their own child in their own home, the same applies for the Social Host Law. )
The focus of the Social Host Law is to make parents who host underage parties realize the need for diligence against allowing underage drinking in their home and on their property. You can be charged with the Westchester County Social Host Law if you are 21 years of age or older, you own, rent or otherwise control the private residence, you have knowledge that one or more minors are consuming alcoholic beverages in your home and you allow it OR you fail to take corrective action. The Penalties for breaking this law are for the 1st offense its $250.00 fine, 2nd offense $500.00, 3rd offense $1,000.00 and / or up to one year in jail. This law can be enforced by any municipality in Westchester County and prosecuted by your town, village or city attorney.
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