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This past week eight Ardsley High School students attended the Eastern States Conference for Youth to Youth International, along with Theresa DelGrosso, Monique Johnson and Tony Vacca. Youth to Youth engages young people through meaningful activities to develop and implement their own ideas to create positive change.

The students, whose attendance was sponsored by the Ardsley SAYF Coalition, attended workshops and breakout sessions, heard from speakers about substance abuse prevention, and participated in fun and social activities built into the 4-day conference schedule. All of the students were enthusiastic and are looking forward to putting the initiatives they learned at the conference into action in our community.

We are so proud of our eight participants, and we look forward to working with them to create positive change within our community.


You can register here!

2016 5K Flyer

Change of Date May 24th Town Hall Meeting

May 24th Town Hall Meeting

Look for our new prevention posters hanging at all of the bus stop kiosks in Ardsley. The posters are aimed to remind the public that marijuana is a risky drug. Be sure to look for the posters when you’re driving around town!

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See FiOS1 News coverage of the 4/20 campaign here.

See Westchester County’s efforts for prevention on 4/20 here.

In order to raise awareness of the risks and concerns around marijuana usage, on April 20th (a day commonly associated with marijuana use) the Ardsley SAYF Coalition worked with students from both the High School and the Middle School’s Youth 2 Youth Councils. Their mission for this event was to promote the dangers of marijuana use, as well as provide positive alternatives to marijuana use and to share what they do to achieve their substance-free “Natural High”.

Students from the participating clubs created posters that provided facts about the dangers of marijuana, suggested healthy alternatives to marijuana use, and showed what they do to achieve their “Natural High.” On the morning of April 20th, as HS students were arriving at school, the participating students stood outside in the drop-off area with their posters. The goal was to show students that the majority of their classmates are not using marijuana, which is the perception, and that they should feel proud for abstaining from marijuana usage.

In the Middle School, the students’ posters were hung in the halls at the school so that the student body saw their positive messages throughout the day.

Finally, the Village of Ardsley issued an official proclamation that Wednesday, April 20, 2016 was Healthy Teen Brain Day in Westchester County.

Marijuana usage can have long term effects on teen brain development, along with breathing problems, increased heart rate, and impeded learning. It also affects the user’s vision, judgement and reaction time. This message is an important one, especially with all of the mixed messages our youth are receiving pertaining to the perceived safety associated with marijuana.

We’d like to thank the students and teachers who participated in our awareness and prevention campaign, and we applaud them for their healthy choices!

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